Guy Kremer
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Guy Kremer, Professional Salon Style

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Repair and Replenish Cleanser 250ml

Protect and condition colour treated hair.

Directions for use

Apply to wet hair and lather. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary. Follow with Repair and Replenish Rebalancer.


About Guy Kremer, Professional Salon Style

Working alongside top haircare chemists and using the finest of ingredients, each of the products premium formulations and textures has been developed by Guy and exhaustively tested by him and his team of Winchester salon professionals.

“I passionately sought out the best of ingredients to create products which feel lovely, smell gorgeous and work brilliantly,” says Guy. “My range – fragranced in a delicious blend of aromatic herbs and sensual white floral infusions – truly delivers, making women feel special and look beautiful.”

Key to the range’s efficacy is a unique cleansing and rebalancing system, formulated with essential nutrients to address the hair concerns Guy sees every day, both in his salon or when working on hair shows or media assignments all over the world.

Both the cleansers and rebalancers contain 18-MEA (a natural lipid found in the hair cuticle) which helps to balance the hair's natural chemistry and restore it to an optimum condition in preparation for styling. Optimum condition restored, hair happily takes on and maintains the shape, volume and added shine of the desired look.